Metalloinvest picks Tenova to upgrade melt shop


Tenova, a Techint Group company specialized in innovative solutions for the metals and mining industries, has been awarded a contract with Metalloinvest, a leading global producer and supplier of HBI and iron ore products and a regional producer of high quality steel, for a major upgrade of the JSC Ural Steel melt shop located in Novotroitsk, Russian Federation.

The contract includes the installation of two Flexible Modular Furnaces® (FMF®), which accommodate a raw material charge mix up to 85 percent hot metal without use of electric energy. FMFs will replace the existing electric arc furnace operating with 100 percent solid charge with Tenova FMF solution, which envisions flexible raw material charging (hot metal, scrap, DRI/HBI) according to its availability and related production cost.

Tenova FMF is a modular concept of smelting furnace that can be developed from core equipment called base module with specific add-ons and has the flexibility of converting various charge mix of raw material (scrap, DRI, liquid hot metal, pig iron, etc.) without the use of electrical energy and electrodes.

A full range of metallic charges can thus be smelted with capital costs reduced at the minimum level.

The adoption of Tenova FMF enables steelmakers to gain a saving in the conversion cost of steel and ultimately to reduce steelmaking costs substantially. Flexibility is another main advantage of this solution. Each module is designed with specific features in order to fit the requirements of the charge mix.

“This contract with Metalloinvest represents the first installation of FMF in Russia, but this technology is already in operation in plants in India and China proving Tenova’s leadership in this solution. One of our customers’ priorities is to minimize the environmental footprint of the steel production process, and therefore our commitment is to provide them with technologies, like FMF, which can contribute to this goal too,” said Andrea Lovato, Tenova chief executive officer.

“The modernization of the steelmaking capacities at Ural Steel is an important stage of the integrated investment programe for the reorganization of production at Ural Steel. The use of the newest FMF technology will ensure a reduction in the cost of steel production and increase the efficiency of the activities at Ural Steel. The upgrade of the EAFS will also reduce the man-made impact on the environment of production,” said Andrey Varichev, CEO, Management Company Metalloinvest.