Metalloinvest hires Tenova to revamp OEMK furnace

Tenova Italimpianti received a contract from Metalloinvest for the reconstruction of a heating furnace at Alexey Ugarov OEMK in Russia. (Courtesy: Metalloinvest)

Tenova Italimpianti, a leading technologies and equipment supplier for the world of industrial furnaces, recently received a contract from Metalloinvest, a leading global iron ore and HBI producer and supplier and one of the regional producers of high-quality steel, for the reconstruction of the heating furnace nr. 2 in the second rolling unit of Alexey Ugarov OEMK in Russia.

As part of the reconstruction, the new design of the walking hearth furnace includes the modification of the combustion system using the new technology burners with the aim to improve efficiency and reduce emissions through a sophisticated combustion control system.

The project aims also to eliminate the formation of a range of defects in the products, allowing the client to reduce costs and increase volumes of high-quality long products (Special Bar Quality, SBQ).

“Metalloinvest chose Tenova to manage this complex project because of our technical expertise and reliability in terms of time scheduling; we are very pleased to co-operate once again with this important Russian player. In a very competitive market with a continuous evolution of quality requirements, our clients can keep on top of this fast innovation pace thanks to our technological solutions. Together with our qualified personnel they are able to find the right optimizations for their equipment, so to obtain better performances and reduce operating costs,” said Marcello Tomolillo, service area manager at Tenova Italimpianti.

The heating furnace is planned to be commissioned in December 2022.