Mark Saline Joins Sinterite / C.I. Hayes as General Manager


Gasbarre Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Mark Saline as General Manager of Sinterite and C.I. Hayes. Mark is an accomplished manager with nearly 30 years of technical and business experience in the powder metallurgy industry. He has worked with all aspects of the manufacturing process, starting on the production floor and eventually into sales, engineering and management positions.

Mark is a Penn State graduate with two degrees: Materials Engineering and Business. Continuing education of professional development includes lean manufacturing, business training and Shainin technical courses. He is also an active member of the local Rotary Club. Sinterite and C.I. Hayes are furnace manufacturing companies within the Gasbarre Furnace Group. Sinterite designs, manufactures and services custom continuous belt and batch furnaces for sintering, steam treating, annealing, brazing and heat treating applications. Sinterite’s quality design includes alloy and ceramic muffles, powder-handling equipment, custom fabrications, and the exclusively-manufactured HyperCooler, sinter-hardening system. Sinterite is located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. C. I. Hayes offers a full line of vacuum and atmosphere furnaces capable of temperatures to 3000ºF. Belt, pusher, and walking-beam furnaces highlight our atmosphere line. Single chamber and modular furnaces, for batch and continuous production, are included in the Hayes’ vacuum line. Modular vacuum furnaces feature isolated heating and quenching chambers. Endothermic, exothermic, and DA generators are also available. C.I. Hayes is located in Cranston, Rhode Island.

For more information on how Sinterite and C.I. Hayes can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, contact Bill Gasbarre at (814) 590-6282 or Also visit the company’s websites at and