Lindberg/MPH ships cyclone box furnace


Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a gas-fired cyclone box furnace to the heat-treat industry. The box furnace will be used for heat treating steel parts, and is the second Lindberg/MPH furnace that has been purchased by this customer.

The work chamber of this heat treat furnace is designed to accept a basket with dimensions of 48” W x 84” D x 48” H, and has a maximum temperature rating of 1,250°F. The heating/combustion system consists of one nozzle mix gas burner firing downward into a combustion chamber before entering the re-circulation airflow. The combustion chamber is at the rear of the furnace, adjacent to the recirculating fan chamber for extended service life of the recirculation fan and gas burner. The furnace hearth consists of eight alloy rollers positioned across the furnace chamber floor, suitable for the load support and manual movement.

The box furnace was designed using the customer’s current Lindberg/MPH equipment as a reference. It was manufactured with additions such as variable frequency drive control of re-circulating fan motor and paperless recorder to monitor chamber temperature.

“Lindberg/MPH has a reputation in the heat-treating industry for manufacturing dependable, high quality furnaces,” said Bill St. Thomas, business development manager. “Because they are confident in our quality and durability, many of our customers have multiple units in their facility.”

In addition to unique features already mentioned, this Lindberg/MPH box furnace also includes:

  • Durable brick lining.
  • Pneumatic furnace door.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Custom paint color.