Ipsen USA continues momentum, awarded early 2021 orders

Two businesses ordered Ipsen vacuums to begin 2021. (Courtesy: IpsenUSA)

Coming off a year where they shipped more than 50 new vacuum furnaces, Ipsen’s Vacuum Technology Excellence Center was awarded two new furnace orders in the first week of the new year.

One of the orders is for a well-recognized and innovative power tool manufacturer based in the United States. The Ipsen TurboTreater® they ordered is part of a plan to increase production capacity and is the ninth Ipsen vacuum furnace in that location.

Ipsen was also selected by a medical implant manufacturer looking to expand production capacity. This customer opted for Ipsen’s MetalMaster® external quench vacuum furnace. The MetalMaster will be designed with an all-metal hot zone for long, high temperature cycles. The furnace’s multi-staged pumping system is capable of providing low residual oxygen levels for processing titanium components.

Both companies cite trust and loyalty in the Ipsen brand, from which they continue to order their spare parts, services and retrofits, in addition to the new equipment.

Ipsen is a global leader in heat treatment solutions with more than 10,000 operating systems in 70 countries. Through its Global Centers of Excellence in Vacuum and Atmosphere Equipment, Ipsen continues to deliver innovations in technology that advance thermal processing while helping customers achieve their goals.

Focused on performance and quality, Ipsen supports commercial heat treaters and customers in many industries including aerospace, automotive, energy and medical.

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