ECM USA hires senior project manager in Mexico

Juan Cruz will be leading the Mexican market, projects, and support for customers for ECM USA. (Courtesy: ECM USA)

Juan Cruz, of Saltillo Coahuila Mexico, has joined the ECM USA team. With a mechatronics engineering degree from the Technologic Institute of Saltillo ITS and an MBA from the Northeast Autonomous University UANE, Cruz has more than 10 years of experience in the heat-treat industry. His industry experience includes previous leading roles in maintenance, sales, and service in the United States, and senior management in Mexico.

With international vacuum furnace experience in supporting many projects for the heat-treat industry, his focus is on continuous improvement. In his role as ECM USA’s senior project manager to Mexico, Cruz will be leading the Mexican market, projects, and support for customers. He will be located in Saltillo Coahuila, which is in the north of Mexico.

ECM Technologies is an innovative low-pressure vacuum furnace manufacturer with headquarters in Grenoble, France. With subsidiaries and ventures around the world, ECM’s global presence is well known in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, energy, electronic, induction, and 3D additive industries. ECM is a furnace system supplier for heat-treatment processes ranging from rapid thermal processing (RTP) to low pressure vacuum carburizing (LPC). Service capabilities include advanced automation, robotics, after sales, spare parts, on-site training, and more.