Industrial Process Heating online education is affordable, convenient, and flexible

IHEA’s Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating Online Learning Course offers an excellent overview of the essential areas used throughout the industrial process heating field.

IHEA’s Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating Online Learning Course continues to provide an excellent overview of the essential areas used throughout the industrial process heating field. Students benefit from the flexible web-based distance-learning format. It’s an affordable alternative to campus-based classes and allows students to go at their own pace.

The program offers a vital tool to industrial process heating operators and users of all types of industrial heating equipment. Students learn safe, efficient operation of industrial-heating equipment, how to reduce energy consumption, and ways to improve a company’s bottom line.

Registration is open through October 4, 2019, and the course begins October 7, 2019. Students will learn the basics of heat transfer, fuels and combustion, energy use, furnace design, refractories, automatic control, and atmospheres as applied to industrial-process heating. Students will become familiar with a variety of oven, furnace, and kiln types used in industry. To register for the course, as well as a complete list of course topics, go to:

Jack Marino

Industry expert Jack Marino leads students in this six-week online course. Marino is a registered professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the heat processing business. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has a master’s degree in Engineering Science from Penn State. Marino’s knowledge and experience offer invaluable resources that online students can access throughout the course.

IHEA’s online courses are a terrific value for IHEA members and non-members alike considering no travel expenses are involved and there is no time out of the office. Take advantage of the online tools provided and benefit from the ability to learn almost anywhere.

A former online student said, “Because of balancing an extremely busy workload and family life, I am not able to be on a regular schedule or take time in the evening to travel to a class. The advantage for me is that I can check in when time permits and still stay up to date on all activities. The course information is directly related to my work, and I found it to be very beneficial.”

Each week, students will be assigned a chapter to read from the Fundamental of Process Heating coursebook (electronic version included with course registration) and expected to participate in on-line forum discussions and complete weekly quizzes. There is a final exam project that will be assigned during the fifth week of class. The instructor will be available through email to respond to questions and provide clarification.

The cost for IHEA members is $750 or one member voucher, and the cost for non-members is $925. The fee includes electronic course handbook, course instruction, quizzes and projects, class forums, and the opportunity to contact the instructor throughout the course. Students will also receive PDHs for successfully completing the course. Printed materials are available for an additional fee.

Benefits of online training

  • Students can take the course at home or work.
  • Flexible web-based distance-learning format.
  • Affordable alternative to campus-based classes.
  • Allows students to go at their own pace.
  • Instructor-led, interactive and safe.

What students are saying about the course

“Excellent knowledge of the course instructor with an excellent and quick response.”

“I enjoyed participating in the discussion forums and found them to be a useful addition to the course materials.”

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IHEA 2019 calendar of events

September 24 | IHEA 2019 Process Heating Seminar
> InterContinental Hotel Cleveland  |  Cleveland, Ohio
This one-day seminar will provide detailed classroom information on process heating technologies such as infrared and induction technologies and exposure to the many industrial applications that use these heating technologies. as well as live demonstrations and a facility tour.

September 24–25 | IHEA 2019 Safety Standards & Codes Seminar
> InterContinental Hotel Cleveland  |  Cleveland, Ohio
This seminar is intended to help the attendee become better acquainted with the newly updated NFPA 86 – Standard for Ovens & Furnaces.

September 24–25 | IHEA 2019 Combustion Seminar
> InterContinental Hotel Cleveland  |  Cleveland, Ohio
The industry premier seminar for industrial process heating professionals, this two-day event offers attendees the chance to learn the latest in combustion technology and visit with industry suppliers. The IHEA Combustion Seminar is designed for persons responsible for the operation, design, selection and/or maintenance of fuel-fired industrial process furnaces and ovens.

For details on IHEA events, go to