Greetings from IFHTSE’s new president


Dear members, colleagues, and friends:

I am Masahiro Okumiya, and I have been the new president of IFHTSE since January 2022. I work for the Toyota Technological Institute in Nagoya, Japan, and I specialize in metal surface hardening heat treatment and surface modification. I have presented many times at IFHTSE congresses and international conferences.  Perhaps you have seen me, or we’ve had a conversation.

In the field of heat treatment, we are presently facing the enormous challenge of reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. I think that nearly everyone in research and development is working every day to solve this problem. All around the globe, heat-treatment companies strive to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. At the IFHTSE Congress this September, there will be presentations on these issues, and we shall see valuable approaches and solutions. 

The last IFHTSE Congress was in Vienna, Austria, in 2006. This time, it will be in Salzburg, which is famous for music, exquisite delicacies, and its most beautiful cityscape, so there could not be a better place to meet — the more so since IFHTSE was founded here 50 years ago. In 1972, when an international colloquium met in Salzburg, the first Governing Council Assembly approved the statutes and got the Federation started. I hope that in the 27th IFHTSE Congress, which is my first big task as president of the Federation, many people will participate and thus help make the event a success. Let us look forward to finally meeting in person after such a long time. See you in Salzburg.

Masahiro Okumiya
IFHTSE president, 2022-2024

Conference Update

European Conference on Heat Treatment/IFHTSE 27th Congress, September 5–8, 2022, Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center, Salzburg, Austria.

Keynote speakers have been chosen for the ECHT/27th IFHTSE Congress. They include:

• Prof. John G. Speer, director of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center (ASPPRC), Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, on “Recent developments and perspectives of Heat Treatment in Steel Processing.” Prof. John Speer is the 2022 IFHTSE Medalist.

• Prof. Jianfeng Gu, director of the Institute of Materials Modification and Modeling, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  “Modeling and Simulation in Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering.”  Prof. Jianfeng Gu is an IFHTSE Executive Committee Member.

• Dr. Stefan Hock, IFHTSE Secretary General, “50 Years of IFHTSE — Past, Present and Future.”

• Prof. Massimo Pellizzari, Department of Industrial Engineering University of Trento, Italy, “Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering in Additive Manufacturing.” Prof. Massimo Pellizzari is vice president IFHTSE, 2022-2024.

• Dr. T. S. Sudarshan, president and CEO of Materials Modification Inc (MMI), Fairfax, Virginia, “Kaleidoscope of Surface Engineering.”

Spotlight on Members

IFHTSE is a federation of organizations, not individuals. There are three groups of members: scientific or technical societies and associations, universities and registered research institutes, and companies.

In this segment, we will highlight our members. This month we highlight:

Fluxtrol manufactures and supplies soft magnetic composites used in a wide range of induction-heating technology. (Courtesy: Fluxtrol)

Fluxtrol Manufacturing

Fluxtrol Manufacturing was founded in 1981 by Robert S. Ruffini, inventor, entrepreneur, and induction-heating enthusiast who specialized in the development and manufacture of soft magnetic composites for magnetic flux control in induction systems. In 1993, he founded the Centre for Induction Technology (CIT) for the purpose of education and promotion of induction technologies.

Fluxtrol has become a world leader in the manufacture and supply of soft magnetic composites. They provide a wide range of induction-heating technology engineering services to a multitude of global industries. They have brought forth many innovative solutions being used in thousands of applications ranging from automotive to aerospace, oil and gas, special metallurgy, biomedical, and food industry.

IFHTSE 2022 events

March 27–30, 2022
ICRS 11 – 11th International Conference on Residual Stresses
Nancy, France  |

April 25–27, 2022
12th Tooling Conference & Exhibition (Tooling 2022)
Örebro, Sweden  |

May 11–13, 2022
International Bosphorus Heat Treatment Symposium
Milan, Italy  |

June 19–23, 2022
6th International Conference on Steels in Cars and Trucks
Salzburg, Austria  |

September 5–8, 2022
27th IFHTSE Congress / European Conference on Heat Treatment
Salzburg, Austria  |

October 10–14, 2022
Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies
Portorož, Slovenia  |

November 2–4, 2022
HTS – 14th International Exhibition and Conference on Heat treatment
Mumbai, India  |I

April 21–24, 2023
5th International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering of Tools and Dies
Liangzhu Dream Town, Hangzhou, China

May 2023
European Conference on Heat Treatment

November 13-16, 2023
28th IFHTSE Congress
Yokohama, Japan

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