Scarrott Metallurgical Company

Scarrott Metallurgical Company, known also as International Metallurgical Services, was founded in 1977 by David Scarrott and business partner Robert Fairbanks. In a time of new space exploration vessels and the introduction of advanced and rare materials, SMC was founded as a place to have the questions raised by innovation tested and answered. The road leading to the founding of SMC is long and deep in history, beginning with David Scarrott himself. The fact is that by the time David Scarrott had created SMC, David had already accumulated 25 years of personal experience in the heat treating industry.

In his own business, the ever-present drive to consistently deliver superior quality led Dave and his employees to develop new systems, such as residual gas analysis, to ensure jobs are done precisely and without contamination. Like his father stopping at a spring to spruce vegetables, “We continuously invest money, time, and ingenuity into our operation so we can deliver the best,” says Scarrott. No one knows better than Dave that limited production with costly materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques gives heat treaters very expensive parts to process. There is nothing David hates more than to tell a customer he screwed up. “If we can’t do it right, we don’t do it at all.”

But quality is more than an issue of pride or even good business for Dave. “Quality keeps planes in the air and astronauts breathing,” he says. “We never forget that lives are more important than time or money.” All this emphasis on quality shows up time and again in SMC’s work product. David has served as the President of the Metal and Heat Treat Association in Southern California (confirm name – couldn’t find this on the web); Chairman of the American Society of Metals, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles chapters; and Chairman of the Westec convention. He is a frequent consultant, and International lecturer and speaker. “It brings tears to my eyes when we see our products doing their jobs,” says Dave, “keeping people safe, taking part in history… It’s amazing.”
Such personal investment has propelled Scarrott Metallurgical Company to the top of its field.

“When you can’t afford a mistake, and can’t afford to make it again, Scarrott Metallurgical is the solution for you.”