Noble Industrial Furnace Company Inc.


of industrial heat treat furnaces and equipment

  • offering most types of heat treat equipment including:
    • vapor phase coating systems
    • bell furnaces
    • box furnaces
    • continuous furnaces
    • low temperature ovens
    • atmospheric furnaces
    • burnout ovens
    • belt furnaces
    • pit furnaces
    • car bottom furnaces
  • designed to your specifications, process and facility requirements
  • fabricated with highest quality materials and built to last
  • full installation services and training to get your equipment performing at its best


of all kinds of industrial heat treat equipment brands

  • emergency on-site repair
  • full service repair
  • heat treat equipment overhaul
  • annual preventative maintenance

Industrial furnaces require customization to maximize performance and efficiency. That is why Noble Industrial Furnace designs each furnace to your specifications. By taking careful consideration of the purpose, location, and elements of the furnace, Noble Industrial Furnace provides each client with a superior, long-lasting system performing at or above client demands.

Turn Key Approach 

After consulting with a client, Noble provides customized furnace designs that incorporate the needs of the client. Once the furnace concept and drawings have been accepted, work begins and Noble takes over the project until its completion. All aspects of the construction, installation, testing and training of the furnace are handled by Noble Industrial Furnace. Only when the client’s customized furnace is capable of operating at full capacity does Noble consider the job complete.

From concept to construction, to testing and training, Noble is committed to utilizing the best components available. Only the latest & most efficient burner systems & controls in the industry are integrated into each furnace.

Noble provides clients with customized operator interfaces, programming, control systems, and CAD drawings.

Noble Furnace partners with Lachance Controls to assist with design and the outftting of each furnace with state of the art control systems including burner, process gas flow and flame safety systems.

Noble Furnace is a family owned and operated business, located in north central Connecticut, where it has been successful for over 40 years.

Raymond Noble began building furnaces in 1968. After working for over five years, he decided to venture out on his own and established Noble Industrial Furnace in 1973. Due to his commitment to quality and high performance, Ray’s company progressed quickly and was incorporated in 1979.

Noble Industrial Furnace continued to grow and began building and maintaining furnaces for some of the biggest companies in the industry, while never losing sight of the importance of each individual furnace or service they were hired to complete.

By retaining many customers and employees for decades, the knowledge base and reputation of Noble Industrial Furnace have become solid foundations that reflect the company’s commitment to exceptional standards.

Ray partners with his son, Dan, and they continue to manufacture, repair and maintain all furnaces both domestically and internationally.