Q&A with Raymond Daniel Noble

Vice President of Noble Industrial Furnace


What are your duties with Noble Industrial Furnace? What is your typical day?

My duties include, but are not limited to, oversight of design and construction of our new builds along with leading contracting crews on the road. We are a leading manufacturing company that continues to have roots in the field servicing all types of heat treat furnaces and equipment.

My typical day begins with coffee and emails then helping the crews get loaded up and out the door. With a steady flow of simultaneous projects in the shop, there is always something to do from ordering parts, double checking prints to helping weld pipe or lay brick. When not in the shop, you’ll find me in the front office working with our design team, writing equipment proposals, and taking time to connect with our customers and vendors.

What products and services does Noble Industrial Furnace offer?

Noble provides industries worldwide with a full range of customized industrial thermal processing equipment. We build, repair, and maintain all typical batch furnace designs along with belt and tube furnaces.

After consulting with each customer, Noble provides customized furnace designs that incorporate the needs of the customer. Once the furnace concept and drawings have been accepted, work begins, and Noble takes over the project until its completion. All aspects of the construction, installation, testing, and training of the furnace are handled by Noble Industrial Furnace. Only when our customer’s end users are up and running does Noble consider the job complete.

Noble also specializes in furnace refurbishment. When acquiring a new furnace or system is not budget friendly, customers choose Noble to refurbish a furnace. Refurbishing a furnace transforms a worn and outdated piece of equipment into a high-performance furnace meeting all updated safety and control regulations.

We also offer on-site emergency and scheduled repairs of all types of thermal processing equipment with minimal downtime to get our clients back up and running as soon as possible.

Noble has also responded to our customers’ needs by providing preventative maintenance programs. These annual or semi-annual services include completion of all necessary maintenance, a thorough inspection of the equipment, and a detailed inspection report of our findings and maintenance performed.

What is Noble doing to advance the heat-treat industry?

We have been perfecting our design for gas and electric coating furnaces for the aerospace and ground-based turbine industries. Our close partnership with Lachance Controls for the past 35 years has helped bring us into the position where we can produce state-of-the-art equipment. Such systems have been sought out and purchased by the top turbine and engine builders in the world.

What are some of Noble Industrial Furnace’s proudest moments?

Much of what we build is built to design, and nothing makes us prouder than when we deliver a quality product that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. Most times, after a furnace is put in production, we visit our customer’s facilities and have the opportunity to engage with the people who use our equipment each day. It’s the feedback we get from those visits that makes us truly proud and committed to what we do.

We have built some great furnaces and these furnaces have lasted. And in many cases these furnaces have continued in production with changes in supervision, process, and location. Knowing we have designed, fabricated, and installed furnace systems both domestically and internationally along with meeting the many challenges of furnace design, including performance, size, uniformity, and process, makes us proud of our accomplishments.

What sets Noble Industrial Furnace apart when it comes
to what you can offer a customer?

We know our furnaces. Every cut and weld, each component from brick to bolt, every burner and element, each valve, switch, and regulator is set in place by a skilled member of our team. 

We know our customers. Having close relationships with our customers is an integral part of ensuring the equipment delivers. We have worked with many of our customers for multiple decades.

We know the industry. With over 175 years of combined experience in designing, building, and installing industrial thermal-processing equipment, there are very few things we have not seen. We provide our customers with products specifically designed to perform at or beyond their requirements.

Where do you see Noble Industrial Furnace in 10 years?
In 2038?

Over the next 10 years we are focused on expanding our business to compete with a wider market, both domestically and internationally. We plan to open a satellite office to improve our abilities to serve our current customers and to expand our customer base as well. Working one-on-one with our customers, we will also strengthen our relationships and be the go-to source for thermal processing methods and equipment as our customers seek to improve their production methods, capabilities, and efficiencies.

By the time 2038 rolls around, we hope to be the standard bearer for coating furnaces. We are committed to leading the industry and providing customers with equipment that maximizes their production opportunities and overall business growth, with the broader benefit of strengthening the manufacturing industry in our country.

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