Hudapack Metal Treating Inc. – Franklin

Hudapack is the choice of many of America’s leading industrial companies for consistently high quality commercial heat treating. Our experience is unexcelled. Your products will be processed quickly and correctly by skilled, knowledgeable heat treaters who have been with Hudapack for many years and are able to meet your most challenging needs.

Our strong Midwestern work ethic, combined with a comprehensive range of metal treating capabilities and multiple state-of-the-art facilities, offers you the same solutions as the nation’s largest heat treat operations. Yet we offer uncommon personalized service and care. Hudapack – your best source for outstanding metal treating quality, service, delivery, and price.

Hudapack offers a comprehensive range of process capabilities to meet your quality heat treating needs. For information on each, click on the desired process at left. Beginning with your initial inquiry, our sales, technical and production staff will insure that the process chosen will meet or exceed your specifications with timely delivery and competitive pricing. You have the security of several physical plant locations with outstanding backup process capabilities to assure your commercial heat treating experience with Hudapack is unexcelled.
Atmosphere Hardening
Induction Hardening
Induction Fastener Heating
Vacuum Processing
Low Temperature Continuous Belt Processing
Salt to Salt Austempering
Aluminum Processing
Atmosphere Carburizing
Multiple plant locations provide exceptional backup capabilities, so delivery of your quality heat-treated components is assured, regardless of the size or specialized needs your order requires. All three plants are ISO registered. Hudapack operates 24 hours per day, 6-7 days per week to be responsive to our customer’s needs. We also offer regular pick-up and delivery service in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.