Graphite Insulation

Graphite Insulation Mission Statement is an e-commerce platform for engineers, maintenance managers, and procurement offices to research, purchase and explore various materials employed inside graphite hot zones.

Our Story was created as a specialized online division of CeraMaterials due to the increasing demand for carbon and graphite products, information, and services. The platform displays product information, properties, data sheets, and pricing information with the ability to request custom quotes and connect with our engineers on specific materials and application needs relating to graphite hot zones.

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Available Products and Services

Graphite Insulation Shapes

Graphite Insulation Shapes, manufactured and fabricated from rayon graphite boards, are specifically designed for high-temperature vacuum and inert gas furnaces, among other applications. Material is able to be fabricated into any number of shapes, complex forms, and/ or large sizes fabricated to prints. Material is pre-fired / heat-treated to 3992°F (2200°C), promoting consistent performance, higher purity, and reduced ash content. Custom grades and purification services to ≤ 20ppm available. Additionally, surface and layering options of graphite foil, carbon fiber composites, and various coatings available. Learn more about graphite insulation shapes and options.


Carbon and Graphite Felt Insulation

Carbon and Graphite Felt are refractory insulations manufactured from Pan (Polyacrylonitrile) or Rayon fibers depending on grade. Materials are rated to 5432°F (3000°C) in vacuum or inert atmospheres. Grade selection is dependent on needed properties, and application requirements.

Pan Carbon Felt and Pan Graphite Felt are refractory insulation materials designed and manufactured for high-temperature vacuum and inert gas furnaces, among other applications. Pan carbon grade is pre-fired at 2192°F (1200°C), whereas the pan graphite grade is pre-fired at 3992°F (2200°C). Pre-firing or heat-treating the material after production promotes consistent performance, higher purity, and reduced ash content. Learn more or purchase pan carbon and graphite felt.

Rayon Carbon Felt and Rayon Graphite Felt are premium refractory insulation materials designed and manufactured for high-temperature vacuum and inert gas furnaces, among other applications. This premium soft material is pre-fired at higher temperatures, has a higher carbon content, lower ash content, and lower thermal conductivity in comparison to Pan.

Rayon carbon grade is pre-fired at 3992°F (2200°C), whereas the rayon graphite grade is pre- fired at 3992°F (2200°C). Learn more or purchase rayon carbon and graphite felt.

Specialty Felt

GFE-1 is an ultra-high quality graphite felt that has been specifically manufactured for the demanding needs of flow battery applications. Material is woven from specialized fibers treated with our proprietary activation process to increase active sites and surface area to over 1000+ M²/g. The material weave results in a smoother surface and more homogenous structure for more stable and consistent electrical performance. The activation and weave promote high wetting and absorption but can be optimized for specific applications. Samples and some production rolls stocked, but this tends to be a custom production item. Learn more about  Graphite Felt.

Activated Carbon, manufactured from porous carbon, is activated by gas flow to develop a high surface pore structure for specialized filtration applications. The ACF material has large absorption volume and fast absorption speed. Material is heat, acid, and alkaline resistant while regeneration is easy. Regeneration is performed at relatively low temperatures while maintaining approximately the same initial adsorption capacity after many regenerations. Learn more about our Activated Carbon Felt.

Carbon and Graphite Insulation Boards

Carbon Insulation Boards, manufactured from rigidized pan felt, are used as insulation for vacuum or protective atmosphere process furnaces. Material is pre-fired to 2192°F (1200°C). The boards can be easily cut or machined to custom sizes and can be used in both square and round hot zones. This material has better oxidation resistance and lower surface area due to its larger courser fibers in comparison to graphite insulation boards made from rayon. Learn more about our carbon insulation boards.

Graphite Insulation Boards, manufactured from rigidized rayon felt, are premium insulation for vacuum or protective atmosphere process furnaces. Material is pre-fired to 3632°F (2000°C). This premium material is pre-fired at higher temperatures, has a higher carbon content, lower ash content, and lower thermal conductivity in comparison to carbon insulation boards made from pan. Learn more about our graphite insulation boards.

 Carbon and graphite insulation boards can be purified and processed at higher temperatures if required. Additionally, materials such as graphite foil, carbon fiber composite (cfc/cc), and graphiseal can be used to enhance the performance of our insulation boards. Foil and CFC can be used on exterior surface(s) or layered internally. Learn more about our foil layered boards.

Graphite Foil

Graphite Foil Rolls and Sheets are manufactured from high purity, high crystalline natural graphite flakes, that have been processed and specially treated to form a continuous foil without any resins and binders. The resulting foil is an excellent sealing material for high temperature, high pressure transfer of liquids, gasses, steam, chemicals, and corrosives. Fuel cell and flow battery companies have used this material as a separation layer. Available in standard purity, high purity, and nuclear grade. Learn more about our graphite foil.

Reinforced graphite foil sheets are manufactured with high purity flexible graphite foil reinforced with metallic or non-metallic inserts in the middle of two graphite foil sheets. Insert materials provide additional strength for high-pressure applications and better handling.

Stocked inserts include stainless steel, stainless steel tang, wire mesh, and mylar reinforcements. Learn more about our reinforced graphite foil.


Flex-Shield is a radiant heat shield manufactured by bonding graphite foil to a single woven layer of carbon fiber composite (cfc/cc). This laminate composite provides an excellent protective barrier between fragile insulation materials and the furnace hot zone. Material can be installed directly over carbon and graphite insulation. Learn more about our Flex-Shield.

Carbon Fiber Composites (CFC/CC)

Carbon fiber composites, manufactured from chopped or woven CFC fibers, are lightweight and offer superior performance for high-temperature applications. Material is thermal deformation resistant, meaning it will remain flat and increase in strength at elevated temperatures reducing scrap and maintaining stricter part tolerances in comparison to metal. Material is also referred to as carbon fiber composites, carbon-carbon, or carbon reinforced matrix composites. Stocked products include, threaded rods, smooth rods, l-channels, u-channels, square nuts, round nuts, and plates. Learn more about our carbon fiber composites (cfc/cc).

Carbon Cordage

Carbon cordage is manufactured from 24,000-36,000 individual filaments of carbonized polymer thread referred to as tow. Material is commonly used for sewing or banding carbon or graphite felts in vacuum or inert atmosphere furnaces or pump packing. Additional uses include wrapping parts for insulation, fastening parts in place, replacement for bailing wire, and heating cables due to the material’ electrical conductivity. Learn more about our carbon cordage.

Tight Weave Carbon Cordage, manufactured from our high quality carbonized polymer thread, is woven into a “3D layup” to increase performance. The resulting weave increases the density, tensile strength, and resistance to abrasion. Increased density produces a braid with higher electrical conductivity, making this grade of cordage an excellent choice for flexible heaters in vacuum heat treating applications. Learn more about our tight weave carbon cordage.

Graphite and CFC Adhesives

Our EBS adhesive product line is manufactured and designed for bonding, filling, and repairing graphite or carbon fiber composite (cfc/cc) components used in reducing atmosphere to 5400°F (2982°C).

EBS-1X, is a one-part high-temperature adhesive system designed to be heat cured.

EBS-2X, is a two-part system high-temperature adhesive system designed to cure at ambient temperature or heat. This grade of adhesive, also has a dispensing gun available for easy mixing and precise applications. Learn more about our graphite and cfc adhesives.

Graphite, CFC, and Metal Coatings

Our office stocks and supplies the following coatings, but our coating development team can provide custom tailored solutions for your applications.

GTC-LV3 is a low VOC solvent based durable coating designed to seal porous graphite and carbon fiber composite (cfc/cc) surfaces in one coating. Provides a finer surface finish for metal casting, and superior abrasion resistance.

GraphiSeal is a low viscosity liquid ceramic precursor resin which heat cures to silicon carbide (SiC). The coating is used to infiltrate and seal porous graphite, carbon fiber composites (cfc/ cc) and even porous ceramics used in harsh environments. This coating was engineered to lower porosity, while improving oxidation resistance, wear, and corrosion resistance of porous based materials.

Lubricating Graphite Coating is water-based and specially formulated to provide superior lubrication for high-temperature applications. The coating’s unique particle size and binder system combine to promote a tenacious graphite release film for maximum protection against galling, soldering and seizing.

ITC-213 coating is an outstanding coating specially formulated to protect graphite, metals, and heating elements from exposure to molten metals. The coating aids in preventing erosion, oxidation, and fatigue from prolonged use at elevated temperatures. Learn more about our coating solutions.