Wisconsin Oven opens 30,000 Square Foot Facility in Waukesha


Wisconsin Oven Corp. has opened another plant in Waukesh, Wis.  The 30,000-square-foot  existing facility will increase the capacity of the industrial oven manufacturer’s existing four plants in East Troy. The expansion will help Wisconsin Oven continue to design and manufacture a broad line of heating equipment . The company’s standard or custom industrial ovens are used for a multitude of applications, such as heat treating. However, it also supplies some niche markets that have continued to grow, including the composites industry.

In April 2012, the company joined PLC Holding, which is comprised of Elmetherm, Elino, Wistra, and Mecarom Dotcom Ltd.  The sale has given Wisconsin Oven the opportunity to free up some of the debt the company inherited and reinvest in the business.

For more information, visit www.wisoven.com.