Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Completes Quality Systems Section of Nadcap


Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) completed the Quality Systems section of the Nadcap (National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) audit with zero findings. The audit took place February 25-March 1st at their Waterloo, Iowa facility, and although it doesn’t officially grant the company final Nadcap accreditation, it is a major step in the process and final approval is expected within the next 30-60 days. Nadcap certification is something Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has been considering over the last two years. Advanced Heat Treat Corp. employees undergo intense training to ensure proper procedures are in place for ion and gas nitriding processes. AHT staff proficiency is tested every two years and AHT will be subjected to an annual audit with recertification every three years. According to PRI: “Nadcap is an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment that brings together technical experts from both industry and government to establish requirements for accreditation, accredit suppliers, and define operational program requirements. This results in a standardized approach to quality assurance and a reduction in redundant auditing throughout the aerospace industry because prime contractors, suppliers, and government representatives have joined forces to develop a program that:

• Establishes stringent industry consensus standards that satisfy the requirements of all participants
• Replaces routine auditing of suppliers with one approved through a consensus decision-making process of members from the user community
• Conducts more in-depth, technically superior special process audits
• Improves supplier quality throughout industry through stringent requirements
• Reduces costs through improved standardization
• Utilizes technically expert auditors to assure process familiarity
• Provides more frequent audits for Primes, fewer audits for suppliers

“Advanced Heat Treat Corp. takes pride in holding ourselves to the highest quality standards and looks forward to providing the Nadcap certification for our aerospace and defense customers,” quality director Tom Hafele stated. “The certification is something we’ve been discussing for a couple of years and are very excited the audit went well” Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) is a recognized leader in providing heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions to companies across the globe. In just over 30 years, AHT has developed into a multi-service heat treat company that takes pride in fitting the ideal solution to any application. AHT’s UltraGlow® family of processes includes Pulse Plasma Ion Nitriding, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC), Gas Nitriding, UltraOx®, Through Hardening (i.e. Quench & Temper), Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Induction Hardening, and many more services. The company’s unsurpassed customer service, high quality standards, prompt turnaround, commitment to research and development, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology have led AHT to where it is today. To learn more about AHT’s capabilities, contact Mr. Mikel Woods (Sales / Marketing) at 319-232-5221 or, or visit AHT online at About Nadcap; Created in 1990 by SAE Inc., Nadcap is administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute. PRI exists to advance the interests of the mobility and related industries through development of performance standards and administration of quality assurance, accreditation, and certification programs as well as related activities for the benefit of industry, government, and the general public. PRI works closely with industry to understand their emerging needs and offers customized solutions in response. Learn more at or contact PRI at