Tenney Space Simulation System Shipped to a Logistics Company


Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of environmental testing equipment, recently shipped a Tenney environmental vacuum/temperature space simulation system to a logistics company. The outer structural shell of the environmental simulator is designed to resist one atmosphere of external pressure while under vacuum.

The vessel has a 42-inch diameter and is 36.5 inches long. The temperature range of this space simulator is 60°C to 155° C. The temperature uniformity is ±5°C. A fluid conditioning system is employed to temperature condition the chamber using an electric immersion heater and an LN2 fluid cooling system to heat and cool a circulating heat-transfer fluid.

The system is designed for vacuum performance of 1 x 106 Torr within two hours based on a clean, dry, empty, and outgassed system with the ultimate performance being 1 x 107 Torr. This chamber features a two-stage vacuum system, which employs a vacuum roughing pump in the first stage and a turbo-molecular pump in the second stage.

“At Thermal Product Solutions, we want to provide the most advanced technologies for our customers,” said Rick Powell, vacuum products manager. “For this project, we used a stainless-steel vacuum vessel and temperature-conditioned internal shroud to simulate outer space conditions.”

Features of the Tenney environmental space simulator include:

  • VersaTenn temperature control system with data acquisition.
  • Conditioned thermal base plate on extension slides.
  • Vacuum pumping system with roughing pump and turbo-molecular pump.
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