PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Castolin Eutectic Releases Two New


Recently developed by our R&D Labs and manufactured in our Dublin plant (Ireland), the two new maraging steel electrodes, EutecTrode® XHD 6860 and 6855XHD, present unique formulations, with no equivalent on the market today. Maraging steels (derived from “Martensitic” and “Aging” phase transformations) were first developed in the 1960’s as high-strength constructional steels for the aviation and space technology. Their most important advantages are their comparatively high toughness levels at maximum tensile strength which are also much appreciated in the Tool & Die manufacturing industry.

In brief, some of the advantages of the freshly developed EutecTrode® XHD 6860 and 6855XHD include smooth, regular weld surface requiring minimal machining, low temperature ageing treatment which eliminates quenching defects and distortion, retention of  aged hardness up to higher service temperatures, as well as good weldability without preheating for practical engineering applications.

Enrique Matey, business unit manager for Welding Consumables in the Castolin world, explains: “We have done it again! This time innovating with the development of EutecTrode®  “Super Maraging” 6860 XHD. It was originally intended for die casting aluminum, but due to its spectacular new properties, 6860 XHD will be perfectly adapted to other industrial sectors like forging, hot stamping, cold and semi-hot cutting tools, plastic injection and many other applications we are still discovering daily with this new alloy recently released”.

XHD 6860 – higher performance electrode with a completely new metallurgical formulation with:

  • increased as welded hardness (40 HRC)
  • increased aged hardness (60 HRC)
  • increased tempering resistance

XHD 6860 protective weld coating solutions are recommended for parts particularly in the following industries:

  • Tool & Die manufacture / maintenance / repair sectors
  • Automotive press / forming dies
  • Light alloy pressure die casting
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Cold trimming, stamping, extrusion rams, mandrels, screws, shafts etc

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