Nitrex part of the ‘American Dream’ series on Bloomberg, Amazon Prime

Jean-François Cloutier, CEO of Nitrex, takes part in the “American Dream” series. (Courtesy: Nitrex Metal Inc.)

Nitrex Metal Inc. has been selected for the “American Dream” series. The series explores the entrepreneurial stories of the men and women who founded and built companies from the ground up.

The series is airing on Bloomberg and Amazon Prime. The feature showcases the company as an industry pioneer who has led with innovation and hard work to become a leader in the surface treatment industry and the only provider of fully integrated surface-treatment solutions and technologies.

“Nitrex’s growth and success are because of the dedication of the team and their commitment to continuous innovation to provide our customers more value and better performance,” said Jean-François Cloutier, CEO of Nitrex. “We are pleased to share our journey and challenges with the ‘American Dream’ series to inspire and motivate other entrepreneurs.”

Nitrex started 38 years ago with the idea to use software to precisely control the parameters of heat-treating. Today, the company is at the forefront of some of the most advanced surface treatment solutions that meet increasingly stringent requirements. Nitrex’s reach has expanded and includes partnerships with several global companies in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and renewable energy sectors. In addition to developing the most advanced furnaces and turnkey surface treatment systems, Nitrex uses the revolutionary nitriding technology NITREG® to enhance the metallurgical properties of components, increasing their durability and corrosion resistance while contributing to a more sustainable future.

“When Nitrex was born, our technology was quite novel at the time, and demand for it steadily increased making it a challenge to manage the growth,” said Cloutier. “Our key driver has always been to listen to the employees’ ideas and the customers’ needs. When we bring our people together, focused on a common goal and purpose, we can achieve great things.”

Nitrex is an industry pioneer, being the first company to offer a fully automated, software-driven nitriding/nitrocarburizing system, allowing customers to achieve consistently precise and repeatable quality.