Nitrex acquires G-M Enterprises to bolster portfolio

In January, Nitrex acquired G-M Enterprises. From left, Veena Jhawar, G-M Enterprises COO; Jean-François Cloutier, Nitrex CEO; and Suresh Jhawar, G-M Enterprises president.

In January, Nitrex, a lead provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies globally, acquired G-M Enterprises, a strong player in the vacuum furnaces market. It is headquartered in Corona, California.

The acquisition is in line with Nitrex’ strategy to further expand its integrated heat-treatment solutions offerings to customers while strengthening its products portfolio. For the past 30 years, G-M Enterprises has earned the reputation as a leading technological supplier of vacuum furnaces solving challenges for customers in the aerospace, power generation, energy, MIM sintering, and commercial heat-treating industries. The acquisition represents a great fit with Nitrex, as both share the same goal of providing technologies that improve customer workflow and efficiency while maximizing the life span and quality of engineered parts and components.

“This acquisition will allow Nitrex to bolster its turnkey solutions business by bringing a new, innovative, and broader mix of heat-treatment systems to our customers,” said Jean-Francois Cloutier, Nitrex CEO.

“G-M Enterprises is a strong performer in the vacuum furnaces market. The company has an outstanding growth opportunity, and under Nitrex we will build on that potential even further, using our global customer base and service footprint. We also look forward to welcoming the entire G-M Enterprises’ team into the Nitrex family,” Cloutier said.

“At G-M Enterprises, we are always looking for new ways to provide customers with the best services and product offerings. Joining forces with Nitrex and becoming part of its family of companies will ensure we keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs and expectations,” said Suresh Jhawar, G-M Enterprises president. “What this means for the future of G-M Enterprises is an opportunity to enhance our products and services, expand our international presence further by leveraging the resources, expertise, and capital of Nitrex. These advancements will deliver more value to our customers for years to come.”