New Grip Smart System for Hot Workpieces by Wickert


Wickert Hydraulic Presses is a global manufacturer of fixture hardening systems for heat treated high-tolerance parts, such as the carburization of gears or parts requiring forming and hardening. Wickert’s 110 years of in-depth knowledge of the process has led it to develop a new and innovative technology — Grip Smart System (GSS) grippers. Wickert’s GSS has been developed to minimize the risk of defective goods caused by tilt and/or mislocation of production hardening masks. Moreover, the GSS avoids pressure points and prevents damage to delicately interlocked components that are often encountered with conventional grippers in a heat treat system.

Wickert’s GSS provides the ability to directly check the position of the rings during closing. This alleviates the tilting of the component — a common issue in the hardening press. As a result, the Wickert GSS prevents damages to the hardening mask, as well as manufacturing errors.


An additional advantage with the GSS is that workpieces are treated gently after hardening. Compared to current off-the-shelf type grippers, the new GSS has a specialized surface treatment to create a damping effect that improves the gripper reliability. When working with delicate gears and intricate workpieces, these smart grippers provide up to a 50-percent increase in productivity with reduced rejects.

Wickert delivers custom-engineered fixture hardening systems. Its turnkey packages provide tooling, including automatic tool-change function, ovens, and preheating stations with component buffers. Wickert also offers a single control package for the entire system with component tracking, production data monitoring, and SPC, including pre-selectable testing reports. Installation and worldwide service are included in a complete service package.