Lindberg/MPH Ships Large Chamber Utility Box Furnace


Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electrically heated, large chamber utility box furnace to an automotive supplier. The furnace will be used for batch testing aluminum castings on a daily basis at a temperature of 500°C.

The work chamber dimensions of this heat treat furnace are 24″ x 24″ x 24″, and it has a maximum temperature rating of 1,100°C. The large chamber utility box furnace is available in nine chamber sizes to meet demanding applications. The furnace uses vacuum formed ceramic fiber insulation with low heat loss for operating economy and minimum heat storage that results in rapid heat up and control response. To ensure even less heat loss, a double steel shell construction is used to create a low temperature outer surface. The insulation and heating elements maintain uniform heat distribution for an energy efficient design.

“At Lindberg/MPH we strive to find the best heat-treat solutions for our customers,” said Sales Engineer Andrew Paul. “For this project, we designed a custom heating system to minimize heat loss and providing energy efficiency.”

Features of the Lindberg/MPH box furnace include:

  • Alloy hearth plate for supporting workload, 34-inch hearth height.
  • Side-hinged, plug-type door, limit switch for power cutoff when door is open.
  • Embedded elements in roof, rear, and side walls
  • Prewired, side mounted, forced air cooled control console.
  • Honeywell DC2500 Series primary temperature controller.
  • Separate Honeywell DC2500 Series excess temperature control.
  • LED element fault indication on control panel.
  • SSR solid state power control module.
  • Dual thermocouple assembly.
  • Power circuit breaker