Ipsen repurposes ceramics facility for expanded hot zone

Ipsen’s Pecatonica, Illinois, is being repurposed for vacuum furnace hot zone assembly. (Courtesy: Ipsen)

Ipsen in Pecatonica, Illinois, (formerly Ipsen Ceramics) is being repurposed for vacuum furnace hot zone assembly. The plant is currently undergoing major refurbishments, including new lighting, HVAC, roofing, and other interior and exterior upgrades.

The factory, located at 325 John Street, is less than 30 miles from Ipsen’s Vacuum Technology Excellence Center in Cherry Valley and will initially employ up to eight material assemblers. Incorporating the Pecatonica location into Ipsen’s vacuum furnace production and aftermarket process will provide added benefits to customers.

“Our goal is to reduce delivery times and better control the critical phase of assembly,” said Jake Hamid, Ipsen’s director and chief operating officer.

In the future, Ipsen is considering other manufacturing activities in Pecatonica to supplement the needs of the Vacuum Technology Excellence Center.

Ipsen is now hiring material assemblers.

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