Ipsen Kicks Off 2015 With Comprehensive Heat Treatment Course


Ipsen recently held their first Ipsen U class of 2015 in Cherry Valley, Illinois, allowing attendees to start the year with a broad overview of furnace equipment, processes, maintenance and more. Ipsen’s three-day-course provides attendees with a hands-on approach to learning while receiving qualified tips and knowledge directly from the experts.

Participants in the February 2015 Ipsen U course came from across the country, including Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas. Reflecting on the class, attendees found that it offered a “comprehensive overview of the general construction and mechanics of the furnace,” as well as an in-depth look at “the furnace’s hot zone and areas to focus on for preventive maintenance.”

Throughout the course, attendees were able to:

  • Learn about an extensive range of topics – from an introduction to vacuum furnaces and heat treating to furnace subsystems, maintenance and more
  • View the different furnace components firsthand while learning how they affect other parts of the furnace and/or specific processes
  • Take part in one-on-one discussions with Ipsen experts
  • Participate in a leak detection demonstration
  • Tour Ipsen’s facility

Overall, Ipsen U allows participants to build and refresh their knowledge of heat-treating equipment and processes through applied learning.

For more information or to learn more and register for an upcoming 2015 Ipsen U course – April 7-9, June 2-4, August 4-6 or October 6-8 – at www.ipsenusa.com.