Gasbarre supplies humpback annealing furnace to sink maker


Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems recently manufactured and commissioned a large, gas-fired, continuous humpback stainless-steel sink annealing furnace for a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of stainless-steel sinks. The system was custom designed to meet the customer’s strict process requirements. The furnace measured a total length of 106 feet long with a belt width of 32 inches. The furnace came equipped with six heating zones that can heat up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The customer was looking to increase production up to 50 percent and worked with Gasbarre to come up with a belt speed of 51 inches per minute to achieve that goal. To aid in keeping the length of the furnace as short as possible, Gasbarre supplied four Hypercooler accelerated cooling units ,which also helped eliminate the effects of stainless-steel sensitization. A closed loop water cooling system was also supplied with the furnace. In addition to the above, Gasbarre installed a Honeywell HC900 HMI to control all functions of the furnace and provide a large selection of data points for analysis and trending. 

Located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a full line of industrial thermal processing equipment for more than 40 years. Gasbarre’s product offerings include both batch and continuous heat processing equipment and specializes in temper, tip up, mesh belt, nitriding, box, car bottom, pit, and vacuum furnaces as well as a full line of replacement parts and auxiliary equipment that consists of atmosphere generators, washers, quench tanks, and charge cars. Gasbarre continues to service and support Sinterite brand equipment and custom designs and manufactures thermal processing equipment to meet customer’s specific needs.