L&L ships fifth box furnace for treating biomedical powders

Calcium phosphate powder is sintered in the GS1714 bench-mounted box furnace at a temperature of about 2,200°F (1,204°C) before being used on various items for medical applications. (Courtesy: L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc.)

L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., has shipped the fifth Model GS1714 furnace to a leading manufacturer of calcium phosphate materials used for medical devices. The calcium products are known as orthophosphates and contain a variety of chemical structures deployed in the medical and dental field. In slurry form, the calcium phosphate can be used on various items for medical applications with very low inflammation rates and direct bonding to soft bone and tissue. It is used in a variety of applications including dental implants, bone implants, and other medical procedures.

The calcium phosphate powder is sintered in the furnace at a temperature of about 2,200°F (1,204°C). It is held at temperature for four to eight hours. The top layer is removed after processing, leaving pure calcium phosphate powder. The powder is then mixed with proprietary materials and made into slurry that can be applied to various appliances deployed in the medical field.

Model GS1714 has an effective work zone of 10” high by 15” across by 13” deep. The furnace is designed to be placed on a bench top or an optional stand. It has a program control that has six individual programs with up to six segments each. The furnace can also be equipped with overtemperature protection.

Additionally, model GS1714 can be equipped with datalogging software that allows for multiple furnaces to be recorded at one time. The KISS software enables multiple furnaces to be profiled simultaneously. The furnace is also available with type S thermocouples or Kanthal APM elements, which are both designed for extended high-temperature soaks or dwell times. A ventilation system removes binders that are released by the product during processing.

The standard model GS1714 is in stock now at L&L and available for immediate delivery. L&L can fit optional features and ship even special GS1714 furnaces in as little as two weeks after receiving an order.

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