eldec MIND: Modular Systems for Hardening Chucked Parts and Shafts up to ø 1200 mm


Where competence meets experience. The MIND series is the result of many years of experience, which we have gained as a supplier of inductive energy sources and complete special hardening machines.

This accumulated know-how has now crystallized in a new generation of modular, inductive hardening system. MIND stands for modular induction. Full modularity for optimal solutions. Efficient hardness solutions in a modular design.

Depending on the workpiece dimensions, desired hardness profile and requirements in terms of flexibility and lot size, an eldec MIND system is  configured from the main components of base machine, energy source,  automation components, cooling system, workholding and tooling. A simple, well thought-out modular system which can handle your very particular task quickly and cost-effectively.

eldec MIND hardening machines can be supplied as a manually operated standalone solution, as heat treatment systems with a customized level of  automation or also as in-line hardening cells, completely integrated in the  process chain of soft and hard machining.

For more information, visit www.eldec-usa.com.