ECM Technologies promotes Vincent Esteve

Vincent Esteve

ECM Technologies, innovative heat-treating vacuum furnace manufacturer, promoted Vincent Esteve to business development manager at the ECM USA, Inc. subsidiary in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Esteve’s primary functions will include overseeing business sales and marketing development in North, Central, and South America with a focus on further expanding the ECM brand into innovative markets such as 3D additive manufacturing, vacuum induction melting, vapor phase aluminizing, brazing, and other vacuum furnace applications now offered by ECM Technologies. This also includes rapid thermal process and annealing furnaces and R&D laboratory equipment. He will develop and execute comprehensive strategic sales and marketing plans for established business markets, including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, nuclear, and energy. The new ECM Technologies’ robotics division will also be a key product offering introduced to all territories.

Esteve joined ECM Technologies in 2013 as an area sales manager in charge of India, Southern Europe, and Latin America. In 2016, he transferred to ECM USA, Inc. in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a focus to expand ECM into the North and Latin American heat-treat markets. Before joining ECM Technologies, he worked in sales for Kaliop (London, U.K.), and engineering development for Anotech and CNES (French Space Center) in Toulouse, France. He received his two Master’s degrees in engineering and material science from the French School Of Mines of Ales (IMT Mines Alès), and in international business, trade and commerce from INSA (Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Toulouse).

ECM Technologies is an innovative low-pressure vacuum furnace manufacturer with headquarters in Grenoble, France. With subsidiaries and ventures around the world, ECM’s global presence is well known in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, energy, electronic, induction, and 3D additive industries. With a versatile product line, ECM’s products are ideal for heat-treatment processes ranging from rapid thermal processing (RTP) with the JIPELEC™ JetFirst furnace to low-pressure vacuum carburizing (LPC) with the ICBP® 1299 DUO (dual chamber vacuum furnace).