Dr. Valery Rudnev receives two prestigious heat-treating awards


Dr. Valery Rudnev was recognized during the opening ceremony of the American Society for Materials (ASM International) Thermal Processing in Motion conference. Rudnev, director of science and technology at Inductoheat Inc., an Inductotherm Group Company, received two prestigious awards for his contributions in the field of induction heating and heat-treating.

Rudnev was elected as a Fellow to The International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE), “For his preeminence in induction heat treating and modeling of the induction heat treating process” (IFTSE, 2018). IFHTSE is a nonprofit group of scientific/technological societies and associations, groups and companies and individuals whose primary interest is heat treatment and surface engineering. Rudnev is also Fellow of ASM International and considered by many to be one of the leading global figures in the induction heating and heat-treating industry. He has more than 30 years of experience and is known among induction heating professionals as “Professor Induction.” His credits include a great deal of ‘know-how,’ more than 50 patents and inventions (U.S. and International), and more than 250 engineering/scientific publications. 

Rudnev was also presented with the ASM International “Best-Paper in Heat Treating” award for co-authoring an article entitled “Revolution – Not Evolution – Necessary to Advance Induction Heat Treating.” The article was published in the September 2017 issue of Advanced Materials & Processes Magazine (HTPro quarterly newsletter), and co-authored by Gary Doyon, Collin Russell, and John Maher. The ASM International Heat Treating Society, Research and Development Committee, established this award to recognize the best papers in the heat-treat industry each year. To be considered, papers must appear in either the HTPro quarterly newsletter or be published in ASM’s Heat Treat conference proceedings. Papers are judged on several criteria including production readiness and breadth of potential applications.

Rudnev frequently publishes articles on different aspects related to induction heating technologies in Thermal Processing and Gear Solutions magazines published by Media Solutions, Inc.

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