Demand for new vacuum furnaces continues at Ipsen

Ipsen anticipates even more opportunities for growth in 2022. (Courtesy: Ipsen)

Business levels continued to increase for Ipsen in the second half of 2021, with vacuum furnace orders surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

New equipment orders since the beginning of July included those from customers in ten states across the United States, as well as four other countries — India, Japan, Mexico, and Taiwan. Customers will be using the furnaces for processing a range of products including heat exchangers, jet engine components, fasteners, and saw blades. Aerospace customers accounted for the majority of sales, but Ipsen also reports an increase in orders from emerging industries focused on electric vehicle production and additive manufacturing.

Many of these are long-standing customers who continue to purchase Ipsen equipment for the reliable service, quality products, and technical expertise. Other customers cite process flexibility, turnkey solutions, and adherence to industry standards as reasons for purchasing from Ipsen for the first time.