Elvial S.A. purchases a second furnace from Nitrex

Elvial S.A has purchased a second NX-815 E furnace from Nitrex Metals to meet the needs created by its plant expansion and increase its manufacturing capacity. (Courtesy: Nitrex)

Elvial S.A., one of the largest aluminum extrusion companies in Greece, has purchased a second NX-815 E furnace from Nitrex Metal to meet the needs created by its plant.

“This additional NX-815 E furnace, which was installed and began production in July 2021, will help increase the production of building materials by the company,” said Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex. “The first furnace has been operational since 2016.”

An Elvial representative cited good equipment, technology, and service to explain why Elvial chose to do business with Nitrex once again, said Stokłosa.

The NX-815 E is a retort furnace used for extrusion. It operates with NX Connect software, and uses the NITREG®-C (nitrocarburizing) and NITREG® (gas nitriding) technologies for dies extrusion. The machine is equipped with air conditioning, an INS series exhaust gas neutralizer, and racking of 750 kg made from Inconel 600. The order also included a lifting device. All processes for this furnace are compliant to AMS 2759/10.

Elvial S.A. is one of the largest aluminum extrusion companies in Greece. It produces integrated aluminum systems for both architectural and industrial use in a fully vertically integrated production line housed in a new state-of-the-art plant in Kilkis, Northern Greece. Elvial S.A.’s aluminum systems are certified from renowned international institutes (Ift-Rosenheim, Germany), as well as acknowledged Greek certification bodies (Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki).

Nitrex was founded as a private Canadian company in 1984. The company started as a pioneer in computer control-based nitriding and nitrocarburizing with its proprietary technology NITREG®. Over the next two decades, the company has grown in the United States and Poland, thriving thanks to its sustained efforts in research and development and bringing new technologies to the heat-treating market like the ONC® technology that further enhances the corrosion and wear resistance properties of NITREG® treated steels and of NITREG®-C nitrocarburizing, an environmentally friendly alternative to salt bath nitrocarburizing.

MORE INFO  www.nitrex.com or www.elvial.gr