Cold water without unwanted waste heat in production area

It looks like a normal temperature control unit but it is actually a cooling unit for temperatures from 0°C to 25°C. (Courtesy: gwk)

Gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH introduced a mobile water-cooled teco cw series. The innovative cw units are connected to the machine cooling system just like a temperature control unit. As a result, there will be no warm exhaust air in the production area as would be the case with air-cooled compact refrigeration units. Unlike traditional cooling units, a cw unit can be used to produce cold water with a temperature of 0°C without the need for adding an anti-freeze agent to the water.

Cold water is often required for individual units only and not for all production machines so that a central refrigeration system, and the associated extensive pipe system would not be worthwhile. In these cases, users tend to rely on refrigeration units that are mobile, air-cooled, and compact. The disadvantage of this method is the additional heat generated in the production area by the exhaust air of the refrigeration units. This is particularly annoying during the warmer seasons. With the cw series, gwk now offers a compact alternative solution with a high level of performance.

The mobile units are equipped with the proven control system as well as other well-established and reliable components of the teco c series made by gwk. As a result, in the event of problems, the user benefits from quick and trouble-free service thanks to standardized spare parts.

The most important difference is the temperature range. While teco c series units supply warm water, the teco cw unit supplies cold water. All of the units are equipped with a leak stop function and mold draining function. The users can connect the units to the production machine via serial interfaces.

Unlike traditional cooling units, a gwk cw unit can be used to produce cold water with a temperature as low as 0°C without the need for adding an anti-freeze agent, e.g. glycol, to the water. Even a comparably high-water temperature of 25°C cannot be readily produced with traditional units.

The pump output is specifically adapted to the requirements of plastics-processing applications with flow rates of 60 l/min max. and pump pressure values of 3.5 or 5.8 bar max. The refrigeration capacity up to 4 kW or 10 kW is optimized for the production machinery.

The teco cw units have an optimized refrigeration circuit with very small fill quantities so that they are exempt from any regular statutory leak tests. The water-cooled version does not have a fan and, therefore, it is particularly quiet.

Gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, with its headquarters in Meinerzhagen, is part of the technotrans group and a system supplier of cooling, temperature control, and water supply systems for the plastics-processing industry. The solutions cover the entire production process from cooling and temperature control up to the water treatment phase.