Advanced Heat Treat Corp. announces new UltraOx® logo


Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT), a recognized leader in heat-treat services and metallurgical solutions, has a new logo for its UltraOx® heat treatment. The new logo features an ox, as the term “ox” is often used as an abbreviation of the term “oxide” — one of the three steps of this protective heat treatment.

AHT Director of Sales and Marketing Vasko Popovski said, “When you think of an ox, you think of strength, confidence, protection, and power. That is exactly how our customers should feel when it comes to using UltraOx on their ferrous alloy applications.”

UltraOx is often used by manufacturers serving industries such as firearms, agriculture, automotive, and more. This environmentally-friendly heat treatment provides an aesthetic black color and three protective layers of wear and corrosion resistance.

UltraOx is offered at three of AHT’s four locations. These locations include Cullman, Alabama; Monroe, Michigan; and Waterloo, Iowa. Among the three sites, AHT has more than 50 nitriding units enabling them to handle various part sizes and provide customers with quick turnaround.

AHT will also be rolling out a new video.