Aluminum manufacturer adds Seco technology


According to the Aluminum Association, the official U.S. trade group, the aluminum industry generates nearly $71 billion a year in direct economic impact in the United States. When all suppliers and related business functions are taken into account, the industry drives $174 billion in economic impact — almost 1 percent of the country’s GDP.

An American manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum sheet recently added a new Seco/Warwick sow and T-bar preheat furnace system to achieve maximum product quality, energy savings, and melt safety. The installation puts an exclamation point on Seco/Warwick’s support of the growing aluminum sector. Optimum air flow management and a heating system that promotes efficient heat transfer throughout the work and helps them manage production demands were unique features and benefits of the Seco/Warwick system highlighted by the customer.

“Seco/Warwick has always recognized the importance of designing systems that achieve superior performance to provide customers with maximum product quality, energy savings, and safe operations. Our partnership with this customer enabled us to quickly recognize areas for process improvement and allowed us to collaborate on value solutions for their manufacturing process,” said Keith Boeckenhauer, managing director, Seco/Warwick USA.

The furnace includes the patented movable baffle system and fixed base airflow spacers for maximum heat transfer to varying height loads. The system is PLC controlled with remote I/O and dual operator interface control stations.

“For this customer, as well as other aluminum businesses, Seco/Warwick provides innovative solutions to support primary aluminum production, aluminum sheet, plate and foil, aluminum extruded products, and aluminum rolling and drawing mills,” said Piotr Skarbiński VP, Aluminum Process and CAB at Seco/Warwick.