Accuchiller NQ Series chillers with new upgraded features

Thermal Care Accuchiller NQ 10 ton air-cooled portable chiller. (Courtesy: Thermal Care)

Thermal Care has updated its Accuchiller NQ series portable and packaged chillers to include a new control system and cabinetry design.

The newly redesigned NQ Series chillers come standard using an advanced PLC control system with ModBus RTU and a 7-inch color touch screen. This robust control system provides premium performance and extensive diagnostic capabilities with a wide range of communication options including Modbus, BACnet, and LonWorks. Screen layouts are improved to simplify finding data in an easy-to-follow format. Pressure sensors are now included as part of the control system package for even more reliable and accurate information. The NQ Series control panel cabinetry is also redesigned to include an ergonomic sloped top for easy viewing and access.

Peter Armbruster, director of sales & marketing at Thermal Care, said, “Precise control technology is so important in today’s manufacturing world. Our customers asked for an upgrade and we delivered. This simple-to-use controller comes with complete diagnostic information available at the touch of their fingertips. All the information is right there from settings to troubleshooting and trending data. If you include an optional variable speed compressor package, you have a chiller that can pay for itself in energy savings.”

Units were scheduled for shipment on September 15, 2020.

NQ Series portable and packaged chillers are available from four to 40 tons in both air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote condenser models for indoor and outdoor applications.

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