The International Manufacturing Technology Show, the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the western hemisphere, will be in Chicago September 12-1Gear Solutions is excited to be a part of this year’s mega-show, and, as part of our commitment to the gear-manufacturing industry, we are showcasing videos from six of our advertisers that highlight what they’ll be bringing to their booths at IMTS.

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Astaras, Inc.

Die casting is an important production process for many different industries, and the alloys used to manufacture these permanent dies must be durable and...


The effect of agitation on oil quenchants

In this column, I will discuss the effect of agitation on the cooling curve of oil quenchants. Oil has been used for many years as...


An overview of heat treatment techniques

Editor’s note  »  This is the second in a five-part series. In this second segment of my series on heat-treating techniques, I will discuss the...


An overview of insulating firebricks

Ceramic refractory materials are useful for the following functions: 1. Serving as a thermal barrier between a hot medium and the wall of a...


Developing a ‘C’reative culture in heat treat process

Hitchiner Manufacturing’s motto is, “imagination in metallurgy.” As a heat treater, there are certainly opportunities to use a bit of creativity in creating a...


Q&A with Niall Sweeney

In which particular product area has Super Systems observed an increase in demand over the past couple of years? One particular area we have experienced high levels of demand in is our flow technology, particularly...


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Conference updates and other IFHTSE highlights

ECHT 2023 Conference AIM is proud to announce the ECHT 2023 Conference in Genova, Italy, at Magazzini del Cotone. The conference will meet May...

IHEA launches sustainability and decarbonization initiatives

IHEA has been developing a variety of initiatives over the past six months relating to sustainability and decarbonization in the industrial heating equipment industry. “We...


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