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ZIRCAR Ceramics Inc.

For nearly one full century, ZIRCAR Ceramics has been manufacturing Ceramic Fiber based materials that have helped enable the advancement of some of the finest technologies on the planet – including but not limited to advances in specialty glasses, light metals, powder metals, semiconductor crystals and many more.

Significant advances have been facilitated by the extensive range of standard high temperature products ZCI produces. In hundreds of cases, ZCI has helped expedite these advances by offering customers significant value through custom engineering, custom forming, custom machining and custom manufacturing of its products.

In many applications to 1200C, ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Silica Type AXL is a self-supporting high temperature thermal insulation capable of spanning fairly large distances. The 1.5” thick half-Octagon sheets are used in a large crystal growing process. Complete information about AXL can be found on our website using this link.



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