Hy-Vac Technologies Inc.

With more than six decades of experience as an expert in metallurgical processing, Hy-Vac Technologies serves all the following industrial markets: aerospace, military / defense, automotive / heavy truck, and medical.

Hy-Vac’s aluminum heat treatment, with quick quench capabilities, allows processing to the most common industry specifications, including but not limited to AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, and BAC5602. Hy-Vac’s furnace brazing capabilities are also in conformance with industry specifications, such as MIL-B-7883, AWS C3.6, and P9TF-1, utilizing nickel, silver, copper, and gold alloys.

Hy-Vac Technologies provides a variety of heat treating services to the military and major defense contractors. These services are provided through state-of-the-art, process-controlled furnace systems and rigorously trained personnel, from a company with over six decades of experience in the industry, always focused on continuous improvement.

Hy-Vac processes in accordance with some of the most common military specifications in the industry, such as MIL‑H‑6088, MIL‑H‑6875, MIL‑B‑7883, MIL‑H‑81200, and MIL‑I‑45208.

Hy-Vac’s vacuum and aluminum heat treating technologies supply critical parts to numerous aerospace primes.

Hy-Vac Technologies has a long, established history in the medical field. Around 40 years ago at the Detroit facility, Hy-Vac developed a sintering process for titanium and cobalt-chromium-molybdenum components for the orthopedic industry. This process of porous coating is still in use today on products from Smith + Nephew, Johnson & Johnson, and Wright. Since that time, Hy-Vac has concentrated on heat treating medical devices and tools in conformance with industry specifications, such as AMS2759, AMS2750, and AMS2769.