Willman Industries

Willman Industries is a large, independent, jobbing foundry, located in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, just 40 miles north of Milwaukee. We produce all types of gray iron and ductile iron components, ranging from ounces to 40,000 lbs. for the products of many of the most demanding and respected companies in the world. Our casting quality has been certified by a number of our Fortune 500 customers including Caterpillar, Inc., John Deere, Case New Holland, etc. In addition, we have earned the coveted Meehanite MAC 2000 Quality Award for Excellence.

Thin-walled exhaust manifolds, heavy-section hydraulic pumps, valves, housings, flywheels, clutch plates, machine tools, power-generating equipment are typical of our product mix. These complex engineered castings must be uniformly sound and have consistent mechanical properties. Many require expensive machining or superior resistance to wear, heat and corrosion. Whatever your application may be, you can count on Willman’s quality today … and tomorrow.

Markets served over a century now include the Agriculture, Automotive & Truck, Construction, Diesel, Energy, Machine Tool, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Paper and Printing, Power Transmission, and Railroad industry.

Willman’s 170,000 square foot foundry complex consists of two facilities; one for no bake castings from 500 lbs up to 20 tons and the other for green sand castings up to 1500 lbs. We employ 165 skilled workers and utilize the most advanced foundry technology and equipment for the economical production of high and low volume castings. We also offer a full range of value-added services including product design, manufacturing, testing, maintenance and after-sales support.

Mission & Vision
Willman Industries is the choice of major companies across the country for a number of reasons.  For some it’s our team of highly skilled employees and the broad range of metals we cast.  For others it’s our efficient production facilities.  Whatever the reason may be we have an unwavering commitment to provide outstanding customer service and high quality products that our customers can count on today and tomorrow.

We strongly believe that we will achieve our goals by the following beliefs:
• By ensuring customer design flexibility with a variety of cost efficient molding and core-making methods.
• By offering a wide choice of metals and special services which include design assistance, patternmaking, heat treating, machining, painting and outside x-ray services.
• By providing exceptional customer service.
• By maintaining a positive, safe healthy and harmonious working environment for both our staff and for our customers.
• By partnering with reputable vendors of raw material in order to provide our customers with only quality products.