Hi-Temp Products Corp.

Customer Satisfaction is what keeps a company going strong. At Hi-Temp Products Corp. our operational tenants are to:

  • Maintain above industry average inventory levels of raw materials to enable rapid replacement of elements and preserve our Customers’ precious equipment availability
  • Preserve In-house element fabrication workshop and production skillsets and capacities to manufacture replacement heating elements to Customer specifications.
  • Continuously develop our Manufacturing environment and promote Quality results through process oriented solutions and a Quality Management System.
  • Where possible, design systems so that elements are easily replaceable without having to remove insulation or to be labor intensive
  • Provide Joint long range material planning, Routine quality business review meetings and Allocated Shop Priority for our most demanding Customers.
  • Reserve baseline capacity and floating resources to respond to emergent activities and urgent Customer issues.
  • Make available, resident experts that can provide application engineering and consultative services, always prepared to engage customers and prospects in need of technical guidance and customized solutions.

HI-TEMP has a highly trained sales staff ready to answer your questions, help with problems and ensure the most satisfied customers in the industry. 

Manufacturing and Quality – Fabricated at our plant, product specifications are drawn up for each production stage and quality inspection is carried along the production process.

Our Own Element Workshops – Our element workshop manufactures and stocks elements of standard sizes as well as those manufactured to customer specifications. We are experts in the common element alloy materials and element fabrication techniques.

HI-TEMP Products has a long-standing relationship with the industry trusted name Kanthal. We produce heating elements made from Kanthal Alloys which means Superior performance. Our high temperature elements and systems utilize Kanthal’s A-1, AF, APM material and NI-CR wire.