Thermal Spray Equipment Based on Advances in Data Acquisition, Remote Diagnostics


TAFA Inc., a Praxair Surface Technologies Co. has developed and improved equipment for coating performance and repeatability, as reported in “Equipment Advances for Advanced Coatings,” a presentation at the thermal spray conference. Advanced features such as recipe storage, data acquisition, and remote diagnostics are playing larger and more important roles in process development and control. In order to achieve repeatable coating characteristics, equipment designs have to provide consistent treatment of feedstock materials as well as having to be robust and user friendly.

This presentation will cover advancements in thermal spray equipment that improves coating reliability and repeatability. Control systems and gun designs influence coating performance in a broad range of applications, from simple part restoration to sophisticated high-temperature thermal barrier coatings. The interaction of control systems hardware and software play important roles in controlling advanced and sophisticated thermal spray guns.

The paper will be presented at the Reliability, Durability, and Performance Assessment of Thermal Spray Coatings Conference by Richard J. Thorpe, standard products manager, TAFA Incorporated, a Praxair Surface Technologies company. The conference will be held October 8-9 at the GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, New York.

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