Thermal Care earns AHRI certification for  line of chillers

Thermal Care’s Accuchiller line of water-cooled portable, packaged, and central chillers is AHRI certified. (Courtesy: Thermal Care)

Thermal Care was recently AHRI certified for its Accuchiller line of water-cooled portable, packaged, and central chillers by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). AHRI certified is a globally recognized, industry-respected program that assures equipment will achieve the highest performance rating standards.

To become AHRI certified, equipment is subject to rigorous annual evaluation from a third-party laboratory under contract to AHRI to ensure that it performs according to the participant’s published claims. Only products certified by AHRI are listed in AHRI’s Directory of Certified Product Performance, a real-time database at Certificates can be downloaded from the AHRI directory on certified chillers to conduct energy performance comparisons between manufacturers and to provide accredited data for programs such as energy rebate incentive programs.

Bob Smith, director of engineering at Thermal Care, said, “This is a huge step for Thermal Care. We have worked diligently through the certification process to ensure our water-cooled chillers consistently meet our published performance standards. In other words, we deliver as promised. As an additional benefit, it allows our customers to have an unbiased method of comparing the performance of our water-cooled chillers to any other certified water-cooled chiller. It reinforces customer confidence that our chillers meet the highest specification and perform with accuracy and consistency as documented. This can be critical to a company as they develop energy efficiency strategies, without the need to purchase a larger chiller than necessary or to perform expensive independent testing.”