Tenova’s aluminum line for Baowu Aluminum processes first hot coil

Producing its first hot coil on a new Tenova aluminum line was an important milestone for Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. (Courtesy: Tenova)

Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.’s continuous annealing and chemical pre-treatment line for processing strip coils for the aluminum market produced its first hot coil at the end of August.

The line was supplied by Tenova, leading developer and provider of sustainable solutions for the green transition of the metals industry. As affirmed by the customer, the processed coil surface quality and performance of the line fully meet the producer’s requirements.

Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. — a company of Baowu Group, a leader in the global steel industry — started the line’s erection in November 2020, and cold and hot test were performed starting from May 2021. This represents an important milestone for the company to open up the production process of aluminum coils, entering the domestic market for automotive.

The contract for the supply of this new line was signed in 2018 to process automotive and aircraft aluminum alloys.

“Despite the hurdles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tenova Technologies Tianjin fully exploited the capabilities and competence of its team in China and managed to successfully carry out the commissioning on schedule, allowing the project to enter the hot run test in a short time. I would like to thank the customer for its collaboration and our colleagues for the amazing work they did,” said DU Zheng, commissioning manager for this project.

According to the customer, the line has the advantage to have a high level of automation combined with simple process, leading to a short production cycle and high efficiency. This proves Tenova’s continuous effort to enhance the design and the manufacture of its supply to maximize line availability.

This line follows another important project run by Pomini Tenova, worldwide leader in the production of roll grinders, for the same client. Over the past months, Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. signed the Final Acceptance Certificate for one work roll grinder and one combination roll grinder, which have both met the requirements of process accuracies and surface quality.

“The cooperation between Pomini and Baosteel has been lasting for 20 years. Currently, a total of 114 roll grinders are operating in the Baowu Group as key equipment for strip quality. We believe Baowu Aluminum will become an important player also in aluminum rolled products in the near future,” said Frank Li Yanwei, senior business manager, Tenova Ind. Tech. (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Tenova’s portfolio of technologies for the aluminum industry also includes aluminum heat treatment and aluminum melting, and recycling, with the scope to supply our clients with the most cutting- edge solutions for this market.

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