Tenova receives order for a walking beam furnace


Tenova received a major order for the supply of a walking beam furnace from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, placed through its company Tenova LOI Thermprocess.

Tenova LOI Thermprocess, a worldwide leading company for industrial furnace plants, is based in Essen. The furnace, designed for the heating of slabs, will be located at the thyssenkrupp Beeckerwerth plant, Duisburg.

The plant will be built in Hot Strip Mill 2, meeting the strictest requirements for the production of premium sheets to be used in the automotive industry. The scope of the contract includes engineering and the largely turnkey delivery of all equipment as well as the erection and commissioning including training. The plant replaces an old reheating furnace and will be installed directly next to an existing Tenova walking beam furnace.

The production start of Tenova’s walking beam furnace for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is scheduled for July 2022. (Courtesy: Tenova)

Tenova, with the companies Tenova LOI Thermprocess and Tenova Italimpianti involved in the project, will design and supply the entire walking beam furnace plant including the charging roller table and the charging machine as well as the related electrical, measuring and control systems. In addition, a sophisticated automation system developed by Tenova LOI Thermprocess will enhance the control and energy efficiency of the furnace.

The furnace, with a capacity of 380 t/h, will be integrated in the existing hot rolling mill infrastructure. It will be used for heating slabs made of alloyed or unalloyed steel and charged in one and/or two rows. The furnace features a combustion air pre-heating system to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the overall production. In the long term, it will assist the thyssenkrupp group with achieving their climate related emissions targets, also thanks to the use of modern low-NOx emission burners, fully designed and developed by Tenova Italimpianti that fulfil the customer requirement.

“We selected Tenova due to the large number of references for comparable plants,” said Dr. Arnd Köfler, chief technology officer at thyssenkrupp Steel. “The short implementation time is another important criterion. The new plant is scheduled to start operating in mid-2022.”

“We are very pleased about this new order which confirms the confidence in the leading Tenova technology and underlines our strategic partnership with thyssenkrupp,” said Antonio Catalano, executive vice president of the Tenova Downstream BU. “The new plant will ensure the high surface quality requirements of the automotive industry and support our customers’ forward strategy.”

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The production start of Tenova’s walking beam furnace for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is scheduled for July 2022. (Courtesy: Tenova)