Tenova LOI Thermprocess tapped to supply annealing and coating line (ACL)


The Slovakian company U.S. Steel Košice placed a major order for the supply of an annealing and coating line (ACL) for dynamo steel strips to Tenova LOI Thermprocess.

U.S. Steel Košice is one of the largest integrated steel producers in Central Europe. Tenova LOI Thermprocess is a worldwide leader in heat-treatment lines and furnaces located in Essen, Germany.

The plant bears the internal name Dynamo-Line No. 4 and will meet the highest requirements for the production of non-grain oriented electrical steel. The contract scope includes the engineering, to a large extent the turnkey delivery of all equipment, as well as the supervision of the assembly and commissioning, including training.

The entire line is designed and delivered by Tenova, a company of the Techint Group and leader in innovative solutions for the metals and mining industries. Tenova, with its companies Tenova LOI Thermprocess and Tenova Italimpianti, supplies the complete annealing and coating line (ACL) including heat-treatment section (furnace) of the plant, the entire strip handling and chemical processing with drying oven following the coil coating, the associated electrical, instrumentation, and control technology including automation system.

Tenova LOI Thermprocess is supplying an annealing and coating line (ACL) for dynamo steel strips for U.S. Steel Košice. (Courtesy: Tenova)

The customer chose Tenova LOI Thermprocess and the advanced Tenova technology as its partner for several reasons: The multiplicity of references for comparable facilities, the short realization time, and the mathematical model were of crucial importance.

U.S. Steel Košice is a wholly owned subsidiary of U. S. Steel Group headquartered in the United States. It is a fully integrated metallurgical plant and one of the largest industrial companies in the Slovak Republic. In addition to the production of thin sheet, ultra-fine sheet and galvanized strip, non-grain-oriented electrical steel sheets have been produced for more than 30 years. The company is realizing extensive modernization measures to improve product quality. One of the measures is the dismantling of two outdated annealing and coating lines and at the same time the construction of the new modern annealing and coating plant.

During 2000-2019, Tenova received a total of 60 orders for heat-treatment systems for electrical steel, of which 34 plants are completely new installations.

For more information: www.tenova.com