Tenova launches interactive corporate website

Tenova’s new digital platform aims to spotlight the company’s forward-looking approach to enable a sustainable future for the metals sector, as well as to enhance proximity and interaction with stakeholders. (Courtesy: Tenova)

Tenova, a leading developer and provider of sustainable solutions for the green transition of the metals industry, has launched its new corporate website: a digital platform born to fulfill the need for a more engaging, interactive, and agile channel, reflecting the company’s drive for continuous and sustainable innovation.

“Due to the changing environment we operate in, we felt the necessity to better represent our distinctive positioning and vision of the future. Therefore, we started from the roots of our identity, conducting internal analysis and precious listening activities of our stakeholders. The result is very adherent to Tenova’s nature: a dynamic platform where users can easily reach out to us, discover how innovation drives our company, and know more about our strategic vision,” said Sara Secomandi, Tenova chief communications officer.

The new website is designed as a digital hub, focused around different stakeholders, targeting their specific needs with direct access to dedicated portals and customized paths to find the contents of interest, with special attention to multi-device accessibility.

The company’s premium technology portfolio can be navigated through multiple entry points, whereby technical information is complemented by more descriptive and narrative contributions to lay the focus not only on “what we do,” but also on “how and why we do it,” diving into the creative processes and values behind the products and projects.

To enhance proactive dialogue with stakeholders, contact forms are available all over the website, creating a direct link with company experts and increased touch-point opportunities.

The substantial presence of Tenova people — through their first-hand testimonies, articles, and contact cards — is the real value added to the website. They are the protagonist, representing the most important asset of the company.

The new communication tool aims to reflect the renewed and reinforced commitment to supporting and enabling a sustainable future for the metals sector and, ultimately, to bringing a significant contribution towards the safeguarding of our planet and its inhabitants.

MORE INFO  www.tenova.com