Seco/Warwick to supply CAB line to Texas company


The U.S. department of Seco/Warwick Group has been selected to relocate a very large CAB line for a customer who purchased it with the intention of brazing its own heat exchangers. Built by Seco/Warwick for another Houston, Texas, OEM in 2005, the CAB line will be a first for Cold Shot Chillers, as they have not previously conducted furnace brazing in-house.

The Indexing CAB furnace has an overall load size of 48” wide x 100” long. The entire line, which measures 96 feet, includes a wet spray fluxer with blow off, load table, dry off (dehydration) oven, entrance/purge chamber, convection furnace, atmosphere air cooling chamber, final air-blast cooling chamber, and final unloading table. In addition, there is a power panel, a control panel, and an atmosphere scrubber.

The controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) process heats a product to brazing temperatures while maintaining uniform temperatures within the product in an oxygen-free nitrogen atmosphere. The Seco/Warwick design allows OEMs and aftermarket specialists the flexibility to produce a wide variety of sizes and types of heat exchangers on a daily basis. The indexing solution allows a variety of parts to be brazed with no changes to the menus or furnace settings.

The engineering team at Seco/Warwick has the knowledge and experience to manage fleets of heat-treating equipment in a planned and professional manner regardless of the equipment manufacturer. The solutions offered by the Group are universal because they are based on best practices and its manufacturing team is available through their global network facilities (U.S., Europe, India, and China).