New handbook on tungsten-heavy alloys available


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Handbook — Applications, Compositions, Fabrication, Properties, Microstructures, and Modeling of Sintered Tungsten Heavy Alloys by Dr. Randall M. German, FAPMI, is available for purchase through the MPIF website.

The handbook contains 27 sections, each composed of small segments that can be consulted without reading the entire book. The handbook organizes the facts on the process options, applications, compositions, shaping, measurement tools, sintering, heat treatment, embrittlement, microstructures, and more.

The handbook is designed to provide solutions to typical challenges. Both the table of contents and index help find specific data, relations, models, and correlations. It’s in a searchable, full color PDF format, 458 pages, MPIF © 2021—ISBN No. 978-1-943694-26-6 List: $185 MPIF/APMI: $148.

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