Indian company adds fourth furnace from Seco/Warwick

Modern gas nitriding with the use of ZeroFlow technology, using Seco/Warwick products, fits into the current trends and demands of modern industry. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

Harsha Engineers Limited, a leading bearing cage manufacturer in India who has manufacturing facilities in India, China, and Romania, and customers across five continents, ordered yet another ferritic nitrocarburizing furnace with ZeroFlow® technology from Seco/Warwick.

ZeroFlow is a modern, energy-saving, and ecological gas nitriding process. ZeroFlow technology allows for maintaining full versatility of conventional gas nitriding while optimizing process gas consumption, i.e. a significant reduction thereof concerning competitive technologies. Depending on the type of processed details, steel grade, and final requirements, this method allows for saving gas consumption, including ammonia, by up to several dozen percent as compared to traditional methods.

Modern gas nitriding with the use of ZeroFlow technology, using Seco/Warwick products, fits into the current trends and demands of modern industry.

On one hand, it deals with an innovative method of process control that maximizes the use of the factors that influence processing costs. On the other hand, there is modern equipment that improves the economy through the further reduction of energy consumption and cycle times.

Savings, flexibility, precision, and simplicity of the ZeroFlow® process makes it the ideal replacement for traditional nitriding systems.

The furnace is equipped with a vacuum system, gas control system, turbo cooling, atmosphere cooling system, and post oxidation system to get a material very uniform gray color and other tribological properties to meet the specifications of leading bearing manufacturers.

The nitrogen potential control is based on hydrogen analyzer and allows measurement and regulation of nitrogen atmosphere potential by measuring the hydrogen content in the furnace atmosphere. Also, all the process parameters such as ammonia flow, carbon dioxide flow, a ratio of carbon dioxide to ammonia, and furnace pressure are automatically regulated. The furnace control system employs a cascade-based temperature control system to regulate the furnace temperature very closely to meet the requirements of the customer.

“Our relationships with Harsha are both personal and professional. Information is shared on a top management level as much as on operational levels. Thanks to long term cooperation the communication is close and transparent. Because of all this, we have been supporting our client not only in process optimizations and crew training, but also developed parts at our R&D center, and give regular technological and metallurgical support in improving their product quality,” said Manoranjan Patra, managing director of Seco/Warwick India.

“Harsha Engineers is a demanding and technically aware customer who was very actively involved in developing the concept and even designing the device, so these specific furnaces are tailored in a sophisticated way to their needs and expectations. Harsha team are advanced technically and know very well what they want.

“The fact that the client ordered its fourth furnace from Seco/Warwick confirms our strong position in this particular industry,” Patra said.

Seco/Warwick has been consistently supplying its best technologies securing for the client repeatable productivity, maximum performance, and strong service support.

“ZeroFlow is an excellent solution to a fast-growing Indian market where companies from different sectors strive to provide an increasingly better quality of processed parts. Seco/Warwick grows into first-choice company position in nitriding technology and a ferritic nitrocarburizing furnace for heat treating bearing at this market,” said Sawomir Woniak, CEO at Seco/Warwick.