Global automotive parts maker orders vacuum furnace

A repeat Seco/Vacuum customer has ordered a 2-bar Vector® vacuum heat-treating furnace to increase production of fuel injector components. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick Group)

Seco/Vacuum, a Seco/Warwick Group company, has received an order for a 2-bar Vector® vacuum heat-treating furnace from an OEM who had recently ordered six new tempering furnaces for its machine tool manufacturing facility.

The international buyer’s automotive division placed an order for a single-chamber high-pressure quench horizontal vacuum furnace to increase its annealing production of fuel injector components. The new heat-treating furnace will complement an existing Seco/Vacuum furnace in operation at that location since 2002. Because the new furnace is a nearly identical model, they share standard components and will reduce the necessary inventory of spare parts.

“Once again, we have been rewarded for a good track record of performance and service support by this international automotive and machine tool components manufacturer,” said Peter Zawistowski, Seco/Vacuum’s managing director. “This furnace brings to seven the number of vacuum heat-treating systems we will have delivered to them in the past three years. It proves the familiar adage, ‘If we take care of you, you will take care of us.’ It is also very gratifying to know that their 20-year-old furnace is still performing well with our support.”

The new furnace will have a chamber size of 36” x 36” x 48” deep with a load capacity of 3,300 pounds. It is designed for a temperature uniformity of ±10°F to meet the qualifications of CQI-9 and AMS2750F. The furnace will be equipped with Seco/Warwick’s state-of-the-art control system, which includes a PLC and Seco/Vacuum SCADA systems. A battery-operated electric loader will also be provided to allow safe and convenient loading/unloading operations.

Vector, Seco/Warwick’s single-chamber horizontal vacuum furnace, is loaded with capabilities. With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, Seco/Warwick’s vacuum furnaces have a proven record of meeting and exceeding performance expectations.

Seco/Vacuum’s Vector single-chamber vacuum heat treating furnace is the workhorse of the automotive supply chain, performing a wide range of processes including hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat treating, brazing and sintering, as well as low-pressure carburizing. Vector produces clean, uniform, high-quality parts with repeatable accuracy.