Delta H, Phillips Federal deliver system to Tinker AFB

Twin Delta H dual chamber aerospace heat treating systems at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. (Courtesy: Delta H)

Delta H® recently delivered the first heat-treating system certified to AMS2750G for heat treating aviation grade aluminum for military aircraft. The new system at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, is the second installation at the massive depot facility and placed side by side with the previous Delta H dual chamber aerospace heat treat (DCAHT®) system installed in 2015. Third-party services for calibration and qualification were performed by Andrew Bassett of Aerospace Testing and Pyrometry and completed within one day on site. The certifications for instrumentation, Temperature Uniformity Surveys and System Accuracy Testing were completed through ATP’s new Aerospace Compliance Software (ASC) to AMS2750G.

The newly installed DCAHT features a certified TUS volume of 24 inches wide, 16 inches high, and 72 inches long, with an upper chamber convection oven operable to 500°F and a lower chamber convection furnace operable of 1,200°F. In addition to aluminum, the system can be used for PH stainless steel aging, as well as titanium and ferrous alloy processes. Both chambers qualified as Class 1, and were certified as Class 2 for aluminum applications. Honeywell controls and recorders are featured and include remote computer control, data entry, process monitoring and produce irrefutable batch records with quench delay.

Extensive training was involved not only to several operators, but also QC personnel and two individuals qualified to train other operators. Additional training was provided to USAF personnel responsible for maintaining pyrometry records to assure continued compliance to AMS2750G.

Delta H manufactures heat-treating equipment designed exclusively for serving the standards of the aerospace and defense industry with guaranteed compliance to the strict and demanding requirements of AMS2750G and Nadcap accreditation.

Delta H is exclusively represented worldwide by Phillips Federal Division for all military and government sales. Phillips Federal Division is the leading service provider and manufacturing partner to the United States Government.